About Us


Lace & Ebony (Lace and Eb-on-y) was founded in December 2011 with a sole vision of providing women with clothes that are feminine with an edgy side to it. Our clothes never lean towards being too feminine, or too edgy, simply providing a good contrast of both elements for the every day urban woman who is proud of her femininity and is stylish to boot.

Lace & Ebony is moving towards being a brand of our own with our exclusively manufactured items, at the same time, handpicking apparels with a meticulous eye and a taste that stays true to our brand. 

Solely managed by Angela, who owns & models for Lace & Ebony.
Read more about her at her blog (http://angelamaryann.blogspot.com)

Do check out our social media platforms and get in touch with us! 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/laceandebony
Twitter: www.twitter.com/laceandebony
Instagram: @laceandebony or @littlemissann
Email: laceandebony@gmail.com

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